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Sunday, 01 February 2015
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Active ImageI provide Video Production Services for many regional clients, including
Strings & Things

  - Commercial 1 - Custom Guitars
  - Commercial 2 - Guitar Store

  - Commercial 3 - Heart of Midtown
  - Commercial 4 - Christmas Ad

An example of my multimedia photographic services:
- Christy Hamilton

I have produced many instructional videos for various clients, some examples of which include: 
- Freedom Of Movement DVD
- RMAX Powered Running DVD
- FlowFit™ II DVD
- FlowFighting™ DVD

Music videos I have produced include: 
Walking In Memphis  (Beale Street at sunset)
Terry Wall & The Wallbangers - "It's All About Love"
Voice of Golden Eagle - "Sister Moon Medicine Song"
Voice of Golden Eagle - "Night Dog Spirits "
Voice of Golden Eagle - "Chickasaw Bluffs"
Redline - "Parasite"
John Roth Band - "Garden Soundcheck "
John Roth - "Guitarist" PBS Segments


For more examples of my services and clients, please visit  which is my video production site. 

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