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Friday, 30 January 2015
Occupying the Internet since 1996 PDF Print
Steve CoxWelcome to! How does one come to have a website domain in his name? In my case the story dates back to 1996 when I hosted a Memphis talk radio show called "Internet Talk" on WMC AM79 for 44 one hour episodes. The show's sponsor, LunaWeb, was so pleased with the show that they bought me my own domain as a token of appreciation! Well, once I had it I couldn't let it just sit there, could I?

Over the years this site has accumulated many bits of digital flotsam and jetsam. Even with my laziness as a continuing factor the site has grown to over 50 megabytes of unique and unusual stuff to see, hear and do. In addition to tons of original graphics and artwork, there's over EIGHT HOURS of streaming music unavailable anywhere else!
This site is such an old-timer that, back in the days when web awards actually meant something, it collected quite a few.
You'll find this to be a very quirky site... The look is inconsistent from section to section, reflecting
whatever mood I happened to be in when I constructed that particular piece of the puzzle over the years. The most popular area of the site is the Jamaica FiReal page with over 60 minutes of streaming old time Reggae music that I brought back from my meeting with a Rasta while hiking mountain trails in Jamaica. Another very popular area is The "other" Memphis Music Page with its many local artist audio clips from the '70s and '80s. You'll even find some Live Joe Walsh there, straight off a nightclub mixing console! Still others visit to catch a chill from my "spooky pages" such as The Haunted Harahan Bridge and Haunted Bluffs of Memphis.
But enough talk about the site... Just click away on the menu at left to start wasting more time than you ever imagined possible.
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