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Wednesday, 28 January 2015
Susan Cox Receives Kenpo Purple Belt PDF Print
Active ImagePlease join us in congratulating Susan Cox for her recent promotion to Purple Belt in Kenpo, awarded to her by sensei Joseph Wilson, Ph.D, of Memphis Martial Arts Center.
Susan has worked very hard for this ranking and our entire family is proud of her!Active Image  She has stayed consistently active in martial arts despite major surgery that set her back for a few months last year.

As she recuperated, her two sons, Andrew and Chris, raced ahead with their own training, but Susan didn't let that discourage her in the least. "I was careful not to start back too early," Susan explains. "I had to feel confident about my healing before being able to commit to a full workout in the dojo. They really put you through the paces in there!"

Memphis Martial Arts Center is the #1 Martial Arts school in the mid-south, with the largest active adult program in the area. Their training stresses a curriculum that revolves around realistic self-defense. Students at the school train in all ranges of combat, including psychological.

In addition to workouts at the dojo several times a week, Susan stays active with her family, acting as the glue that keeps everything (and everyone) humming smoothly along. "Susan isn't happy unless she has a dozen projects going at once." explains Steve. "Her range of skills is pretty awesome! She's an accomplished carpenter, gardener, cook, and household budget manager allSusan and Joe Wilson rolled into one. She's even been known to re-roof a house when the need arises."

As often noted on this website, Susan's former husband Steve is a producer and director of instructional videos, including several titles for Memphis Martial Arts Center, but his direct involvement with the sport remains that of a spectator. When asked how he feels about being the only person in his household who is not a martial artist, Steve says he is comfortable with the situation.  "I guess that I'll just have to settle for being the most scary looking" he said.

A title he's not likely to relinquish soon. Cool
Photos by Christopher Cox

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