Private Treasures Gallery I

Response to this collection of original art has been so gratifying
that it's expanded into an entirely new section. Check out
Treasures - Volume two!


Gonzo Surrealism or mystical placebo?
Crystal Portrait GeoSpirit (78k)

Stucco Rainbow (114k)

My Favorite Fractal - Going Down? (154k)

The Meaning of Life (99k)

Original modified photographs by yours truly

Mississippi River Bluff Tear Drop (82k)

The Aliens In Line - Memphis, Beale St. (48k)

Mississippi River Bluff at Sunset - Long Shot (186k)

MS River Bluff at Sunset - Bridge Close Up (105k)

MS River Bluff at Sunset - Artist's Impression (96k)

Jamaican Sunset - Artist's Impression (33k)


My grandfather's workshop was a never-ending source of exploration and wonder when I was a boy... And I still get echos of that feeling as I thumb through his old magazines...


Popular Science Cover Art - July 1955 (69k)

Check out this IBM ad from 1956! (108k)

Anyone remember the GENIAC??? circa 1957 (162k)

Old Car Emblems - circa 1955 (131k)

Thank you for your interest! But, remember that these graphics are
copyrighted works. You may save these pics for your own viewing and
even distribute them on a non-profit basis. However, all other rights to
publication and distribution of this material are reserved. DO NOT MODIFY
THESE PICTURES IN ANY WAY, including the copyright notice.Failure to
comply with these requests will result in a guilty conscience, badly damaged
Karma and possible halitosis.

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